Robo Mower - Automated Lawn Mower! Robo Mower - Automated Lawn Mower!

RoboMower Friendly Robotics Automated Lawn Mower. Mows your lawn independently, without human intervention. Electric motor does not emit harmful air emissions No grass clippings to empty or rake Quieter and lighter than standard gasoline-operated mowers -- weighs less than 50 lbs. Trade in your gas-powered lawn mower and buy yourself a hammock! With the Self-Operating Lawn Mower, a new and improved automated lawn mower that's lighter and more flexible than its predecessor, you'll be able to spend your weekends relaxing instead of toiling over your lawn. After an initial one-time set-up, this revolutionary ''lawnscaping'' tool will automatically cut your lawn by itself -- without human operation! Just find a comfortable chair or a hammock and relax while the Self-Operating Lawn Mower does the work for you. Set-up requires a one-time installation that can be done in as little as two hours! Just lay the system's low-voltage border wire and pegs around the perimeter of your lawn and connect it to a battery-operated perimeter switch. Installed at ground level, the wire will soon be covered by grass so you'll never know it's there! The Self-Operating Lawn Mower's computer-controlled guidance system, which detects where the wire has been installed, ensures that it only mows the designated lawn area. The environmentally friendly Self-Operating Lawn Mower is powered by an easy-in/easy-out rechargeable battery pack. Simply charge the battery pack with the included charger, place it in the unit's battery compartment, and the Self-Operating Lawn Mower is ready to mow lawns up to 2,500 sq. ft. with a single charge! The Self-Operating Lawn Mower offers an adjustable grass-cutting height ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 inches. Plus, the Self-Operating Lawn Mower's mulching action recycles lawn clippings, reducing waste and returning valuable nutrients to the soil. No follow-up raking is required! The Self-Operating Lawn Mower is outfitted with several safety features, including six sensors and four touch-sensitive bumpers, allowing it to circumnavigate trees and other obstacles. Tilt sensors stop the motor and blades when the ground angle exceeds 20 degrees, eliminating the chance of a runaway mower. The Self-Operating Lawn Mower, weighs 42 lbs. alone and 70 lbs. with the battery pack. Mower includes 3 blades, Perimeter Switch w/batteries, Pegs (200), Perimeter Wire (500ft.), Battery Pack and AC charger, RoboRuler,User's Manual and Installation Video. * See below for additional accessories. 2003 MODEL RL-800 New Features: Anti Theft / Disabling System New Generation of Navigation Software Enhanced Operating Software Improved Interface Design